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Take advantage of ETF trading in the form of CFDs


You can now trade a large selection of ETF CFDs with leverage at iFOREX, on top of our hundreds of other CFD instruments which include shares, commodities, indices, currencies and cryptocurrencies. On our platform, you can trade instruments that are based on the performances of leading ETFs and take advantage of price changes in any direction – up or down. You’re also invited to benefit from our exclusive, free 1-on-1 training with a trading coach, access free information and resources and benefit from excellent trading conditions.

ETF Exchange Rate

Please see some of the most popular ETFs at iFOREX below:

Rates are according to the sell price of the pair
View the full list of ETFs you can trade at iFOREX here.

Did You Know?

ETFs (Exchange Trade Funds) are tradable instruments that track a commodity, an index, bonds, or a basket of assets. Through ETF trading, traders have the opportunity to expose their portfolio to a specific market or industry and to hedge their investments. There are many different types of ETFs and they are very popular among traders worldwide.

Features of iFOREX trading

  • Over 750 CFD instruments from various markets and industries.
  • Leverage trading (where permitted by local regulations).
  • Excellent customer support in multiple languages.
  • Access to information, education and training.