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Join the CFD commodity trading arena


Many people all over the world are trading commodities such as Oil, Gold and Silver. In addition to the Indices, share and Forex pairs that we offer, we also provide a variety of commodities which can all be traded from one individual trading account. With iFOREX you can trade commodities in the form of a CFD with leverage (where permitted by local regulations) and take advantage of market trends.

Commodities Exchange Rate

For your convenience please find below the live rates of the most popular commodities:

Rates are according to the sell price of the commodity
For a full list of the Commodities that you can trade at iFOREX, please click here.

CFD Commodity Trading

Contracts for difference (CFDs) allow individual investors to trade an array of financial products such as indices and commodities without having to physically own them. CFDs mirror price movements of popular traded products, usually of future contracts, and allow individual investors to use common trading tools, such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis and well known strategies to take advantage of potential market trends.

CFDs have become a popular form of investment amongst individual investors as they allow the use of leverage. This results in maximizing your purchasing power by up to 400 times while only risking your initial investment.

Features of Commodity Trading

  • You get access to a variety of well known commodities without having to physically purchase them.
  • Maximize your portfolio’s potential by using leverage on commodities of up to 400:1 (where permitted by local regulations).
  • Cut your portfolio’s expenses by opening deals on commodity CFDs with competitive spreads.