Get your own International Fixed Interest Account

Exclusive to iFOREX: Enjoy a 3% Fixed Interest Account

Reach your goals faster

While other accounts can only promise distant results, we promise a 3% fixed interest rate. Open a Fixed Interest Account today and earn 3% interest on the account net value.

  • Earn interest from $1,000 up to $150,000
  • See your money grow
  • Access your funds anytime with fast withdrawals

Don’t settle for less! Open your fixed interest account and start earning 3% fixed interest today.

Enjoy a Fixed Interest Account that gives you more

How does it work?

  • Start

    StartOpen an account with a minimum $1,000 deposit

  • Stay Active

    Stay ActiveMaintain monthly activity (e.g.: deposit once a month)

  • Save

    SaveEarn 3% fixed interest on your account net value (in USD)

  • Access

    AccessWithdraw your funds easily, anytime, anywhere

Tariff* and payments
Overdraft feesOur Negative Balance Protection assures you can never go into minus, at no fee
Charge for withdrawalsNo charges on our side (3rd party fees might apply)
RateInterest rate is fixed
Interest paymentInterest is paid monthly

* Tariff for relevant services are listed above. You can view out full list of tariffs on our terms and conditions.

US Dollar International rates

These rates apply to all accounts (irrespective of opening date). Interest is paid to ‘Eligible Clients’ account net value every 5th of the following month (conversion rates may apply).

1 Year US Dollar (USD) Fixed Interest Account. (Minimum $1,000 – Maximum $150,000)
TierGross RateAER
Benefits of this account:
  • Know exactly how much you'll gain
  • Deposit available in multiple currencies and payment methods
  • Interest is paid in USD
  • Unlimited withdrawals, no fixed term
  • Interest is paid to ‘Eligible Clients’ account net value every 5th of the following month

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