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News and Updates
21 APR 2020

Dear Client,

Due to unprecedented and extreme market conditions in the energy sector, we may decide to roll over the oil contract from June to July. Such roll over may occur immediately and without prior notice.
You are advised to exercise extra caution and manage your exposure accordingly. Should you not wish your position to roll over, please close your position at your earliest convenience.

30 JUN 2019

Dear Client,

We wish to inform you that we have updated our Privacy Policy.

28 APR 2019

Dear Client,

We wish to inform you of the following updates:

  1. We have updated Section 10.4.6 (o) of our Client Agreement to include “net” exposure of Transactions instead of “gross”.
  2. We plan on launching a new product named Stock Derivatives. See the new Stock Derivatives Addendum as part of the Client Agreement. For queries related to Stock Derivatives, please contact your account manager.
  3. We have updated our Trading Conditions to include Stock Derivatives as of 05/05/2019.
27 MAR 2019

Dear Client,

We wish to inform you about the upcoming changes regarding Overnight Financing fees related to exotic pairs of currencies.

Whereas the mark-up for currency pairs is 0.75%, please note that - effective as of 01/04/2019 - exotic currency pairs might necessitate higher mark-up levels that may differ between Long (Buy) and Short (Sell) positions.

For illustrative purposes, please see the following example that involves a situation where the Interbank Rate difference is HIGHER than the mark-up and the Long and Short mark-ups are different. In such cases, your account will be debited when you go Long and credited when you go Short:

  • Instrument = EUR/TRY (Euro vs. Turkish Lira)
  • EUR (base currency) 3M mid interest rate (annualized) = -0.37% = -0.0037
  • TRY (other currency) 3M mid interest rate (annualized) = 22.75% = 0.2275
  • Interbank Rates difference = 23.12% = 0.2312
  • Long Markup = 0.75% = 0.0075
  • Short Markup = 14.00% = 0.14
  • Deal Amount value expressed in the other currency = 620,000 TRY (100,000 EUR at Current Closing Rate of 6.2000)

Overnight Financing Percentage when you Buy (Long Positions):

Overnight Financing Amount = 620,000 × (-0.000663) = -411 TRY, meaning 411 TRY charge per day (≅80 USD)

Overnight Financing Percentage when you Sell (Short Positions):

Overnight Financing Amount = 620,000 × (0.000253) = 157 TRY, meaning 157 TRY credit per day (≅30 USD)

Please make yourself aware to the applicable fees before placing an order.

23 DEC 2018

Dear Client,

We wish to inform you that, effective as of the 31st December 2018 at 23:59:59 GMT, the Company shall terminate the Zero Spread Account scheme in its entirety.

All customers with a Zero Spread Account will be issued a Standard Account with the relevant spreads applicable, with trading activity continuing as normal.

You are highly advised to close all open transactions before the date and time stated, otherwise all remaining open deals will be closed automatically at the date and time stated and at the last available rate, and all limit orders will be deleted.

For more information, please contact us.

12 DEC 2018

Dear Client,

Starting today, you can trade the Germany 30 (based on the Dax 30) and Europe 50 (which is based on the Euro Stoxxs 50) from 00:15 AM GMT.

08 MAR 2018

Dear Client,

We wish to bring to your attentions that on the 15th of March the following amendments to the Client Agreement will come into effect:

  1. Subject to our capabilities, the information provided to clients will be in the clients’ preferred language. However, the client acknowledges that iFOREX’s official language is the English language and, as a result, certain documents are provided in English only.
  2. Material changes affecting commissions, costs, charges and financing fees, will be displayed via the Website at the News and Updates section.
  3. iFOREX will make its best effort to publish values of minimum spreads for standard accounts on iFOREX’s website, while the client acknowledges that the spreads offered are dynamic, and adjust in accordance to market volatility, clients’ profile and at iFOREX’s own discretion.
  4. The Company shall not be liable to any failure whether in the deposit or in the withdrawal phase via any payment method made by any communication means.
  5. In times of abnormal trading conditions the Company shall have the right to close any open transaction of any financial instrument that the Company determines to be volatile.
  6. iFOREX shall have the right to set expiration dates to some and/or to all of the financial instruments that iFOREX provides, from time to time. Any such open transaction, unless closed by the client before the expiry date, shall be automatically closed on the set expiry date and at the last price quoted on the trading platform.
18 DEC 2017

Due to extreme market conditions Cryptocurrencies trading terms may change frequently, clients are highly advised to exercise caution and check the Trading Conditions before trading.

25 JUN 2017

Dear Trader

There is a chance Bitcoin trading will be suspended on August 1st due to the implementation of a new protocol.
More details on the new protocol can be found here: Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 148.

During this time, Bitcoin may experience significant price fluctuations and Bitcoin exchanges might suspend their services until the implementation is completed.

Additional information can be found here:
The Bitcoin official warning on Potential network disruption
15 Facts about the Bitcoin Fork

21 MAY 2017

Changes to your client agreement with iFOREX

We are updating our Client Agreement as of 28/05/2017.

From 28/05/2017, Rollover (Swap) on Forex/Metals spot deals will no longer be applied.

We are introducing Overnight Financing to forex spot deals, in order to provide you with a simpler and more transparent way of understanding the adjustment to the deals you keep open overnight.

Contract Rollover on index and commodity CFD futures remains in place. However, instead of being adjusted from the balance, it will be adjusted directly from the Open P/L (Profit/Loss).

Please note:
All open Spot Forex/Metals deals will be closed on 28/05/2017 at their specific deal rate and reopened at the same rate, while keeping any closing limits in place.

Open P/L calculations will be made according to market prices.

Forward deals placement will no longer be available as of: 28/05/2017.

Please remember, our services are only available to clients residing in jurisdictions where trading is allowed.

For further details, please view the trading conditions here.

01 JAN 2017

We are updating our Client Agreement as of 08/01/2017.

Kindly note that our new agreement and order execution policy include the following changes among others:

Market Orders
Market Orders (trade requests, i.e. Open Deal, Close Deal) are executed at the price that is in effect on the Company’s Trading Platform (client side) at the exact time of execution, provided that such price is within a predetermined tolerance level from the underlying price indicated in the Company’s server and irrespective if the underlying price is above or below the price indicated in the Trading Platform (What You See Is What You Get, or WYSIWYG). In the event that the price indicated in the trading platform (client side) exceeds the above tolerance level, for example, due to movements in the underlying assets between the time a client placed its order and the time it is received and executed, high markets volatility and communication latency, the Order will be executed at the price indicated in the Company’s server which shall be different from the price indicated in the Trading Platform (Market Price), on a symmetrical basis. In the event of a substantial difference between the price indicated in the Trading Platform (client side) and the price indicated in the Company’s servers, the Order shall be rejected.

Limit Orders
Limit Orders (future orders) are executed at the market price indicated at the Company’s server which may be different than the price indicated in the Order (“Slippage”). Slippage may occur in the event where the price indicated in the order is not available in the server, for example, due to high volatility and gaps in the market prices. In such event, the order will be executed at the first available price, irrespective of the direction of the slippage, either to the client’s favor or not, in a symmetrical and transparent manner (Symmetrical Slippage).

It is important to note that Slippage does not affect the Negative Balance Protection and therefore the Client will never lose more than the amount invested (including any profit, if gained), even if a slippage occurs. In addition, transactions in some currencies (e.g. RUB) or other instruments (e.g. shares and indices) which are not traded on a 24 hours basis, may experience a market gap on a daily basis and are therefore more susceptible to slippage.

Trading Hours
Market Orders can be placed and executed only within the trading hours per each Financial Instrument, as detailed in the Trading Conditions. Limit Orders can be placed, changed or removed outside the trading hours per each Financial Instrument; however, such Limit Orders shall only be executed during the above trading hours.

CFD Rollover
All open future contract CFD Positions which are not closed before reaching their value date shall be rolled over by the Company to the next contract’s value date, so that the Positions remain open. Upon effectuating such rollover, the Client’s Balance shall be adjusted in order to reflect the difference between the price of the expired contract and the price of the new contract, and all associated Limit Orders shall be adjusted to the new future contract. The Balance adjustment may also include a mark-up spread. During such rollover, the Company may utilize higher Margin Requirements. The value date for each future contract CFD, as well as the Margin Requirements, can be found in the Trading Conditions page on the Website.

In the event of a distribution of cash dividends in relation to a share CFD, a dividend adjustment will be made to the Client’s Balance with respect the underlying share’s Positions held by the Client at the end of business day which precedes the ex-dividend date. The dividend adjustment shall be calculated based on the size of the dividend, the size of the Client’s position and whether it is a buy or a sell Transaction, whereby in long Positions the adjustment shall be credited to the Client’s Balance and in short positions the adjustment shall be debited from the Client’s Balance. Dividends shall be credited or debited from the Client’s Balance outside the underlying share’s trading hours and before the opening of the share’s next trading day, and are contingent upon the Client holding its respective Position at the time of the dividend adjustment. During this period, in order to keep the fair value of the Client’s Equity until the opening of the next trading day, the Company shall adjust the Client’s Position in accordance with the dividend amount debited or credited from the Client’s Balance.

Overnight Financing
In addition to Shares, Future contracts based CFDs (Indices and Commodities) shall be subject to a daily credit or debit of interest adjustments (depending on the Position held by the Client – Long/Short) calculated on the basis of the relevant Inter-Bank interest rate of the currency in which the underlying asset is traded and may also include a mark-up spread.

For any further assistance please contact your account manager.